COVID-19 Updates

Dental-Doctors New COVID-19 Protections and Office Upgrades

For the safety and protection of our patients!

Isolation Rooms/Negative Air Pressure

Dental procedures create aerosols, which are similar to the spray created by a can of spray paint or hair spray. These aerosols can contain viral and bacterial contaminants and are the main way disease is spread person to person. Therefore, we have placed glass doors and HEPA exhaust systems in all of our treatment rooms. These exhaust systems acts like the hood over a stove, sucking away aerosols, filtering them and then discharging the air outside the office building. The doors and filters create a slight vacuum in the room that is undetectable and is very similar to how people with known infectious diseases are managed in a hospital. Our HEPA exhaust systems are the same systems used in hospitals!

rooms exhaust

Hospital Grade Air Purification

Dr. Robert Bunn purchased a free standing Envirco Hospi-Gard air purification system for the office's waiting room. These Hospi-Gard units are commonly used in finer hospitals for air purification. These units consist of a medical grade HEPA filter along with Ultraviolet light for the highest quality of pure, dust free, chemical free and disease free air.

air purifier hospi-gard

Ultraviolet Sanitation of Treatment Rooms

In addition to the standard room wipe down using hospital disinfectants, each room is treated with a wall mounted, operating room grade Ultraviolet sanitation using the Sani Lite corporation lights. These lights operate at a very strong 254 nanometer wavelength and require us to completely block out any light that may escape from the room while in use. These lights are required to run for 15 minutes after EACH AND EVERY PATIENT to thoroughly sanitize the room. When you walk into one of our treatment rooms it will be as sterile as a hospital operating room.

light sani light danger


Our staff has been professionally fitted by Fire and Safety Company of Concord, Virginia with N95 respirators from 3M corporation. It is required by OSHA that these masks be professionally fitted once a year. We have also ordered MAX-Air CAPRs from A CAPR is a powered air purifying respirator and are used in infectious disease wards. These are a better, cooler fit for our staff and provide the maximum amount of protection for our staff and patients.

fit test certificate employees

Central Air Conditioning Upgrade

In addition to all the other environmental upgrades, we have upgraded our HVAC air conditioning and heating systems to have additional separate UV and HEPA sanitation.


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