Our appointment receptionist will collect information when you schedule an appointment to best characterize your dental             needs! Our staff usually is on schedule, please be prompt for your appointment as late arrivals can affect the rest of the             schedule! We greatly appreciate our patients arriving on time to appointments! Please give our office a 24 hour notice if you             need to reschedule or are unable to make your appointment!

  • Initial Appointment

            Unless you are experiencing discomfort and/or swelling, your first appointment will be scheduled with our Dental Hygienist for a             routine cleaning appointment. Services planned for this appointment are the following: examination, prophylaxis(cleaning),             necessary x-rays (bitewings, panoramic), fluoride treatment and a consultation with explanation of treatment options. 

  • Emergencies/ Walk In Appointments

            Emergencies/ Walk Ins are accepted although it is recommended that you call ahead to avoid a wait. Your dental emergency             will be addressed, as soon as the staff is available, with a doctor examination, necessary X-ray(s) to accurately diagnose your             concerns/symptoms and an explanation of treatment options. If you consent to treatment and time in the doctors schedule is             available, we will proceed with same day treatment. Some cases may need to be referred out to a specialist and/or prescribed             antibiotics or scheduled for another day where necessary time for treatment is available in the schedule. WE WILL ALWAYS             GET YOU OUT OF PAIN ON THE SAME DAY!

  • Emergency Simple Tooth Extractions

            A emergency simple extraction, X-ray and examination is a fee of $161.00 (without insurance) and payment is required (cash or             check) same day treatment is completed. Each additional simple extraction is a fee of $137.00. If extraction(s) become surgical             the fee is $229.00. (Most emergency extractions are simple extractions.)

            *As defined by the American Dental Association, a simple extraction does not require the use of a dental drill to cut bone or to section(split) the tooth into individual pieces for removal.

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